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All You Need To Know About Road Tax Fines In The UK

There is a variance in tax policies implemented by different nations. This is motivated by the fact that for healthy growth and development of a country, there must be measures put in place for the collection of taxes and revenues. Among others, UK has implemented road taxes as one of the ways to increase their revenue. As with the new system introduced on 1st April 2018, once you get to purchase a diesel car, you will be required to pay between 15 and 500 Euros for the first year. This article elaborates an in-depth of UK road tax policy.

Tax charges differ depending on whether your car is diesel driven or petrol driven. This is due to the fact that for a diesel engine, there is a higher fume emission as compared to a petrol engine. For less emitting diesel vehicles, the drivers are required to pay an addition 20 Euros whereas, for cars that emit heavy fumes, the drivers will be required to pay an additional 500 Euros. It is good to note that this tax is imposed in all the regions in UK.

You need to have a road tax reminder so that to ensure that there will be no time that you will be on the wrong evading road taxes. One of the methods involves a DVLA notification that you get to receive several days before the deadline. You can also go online and visit the road tax website to confirm when the repayment is due. Your car registration number is the key to access all the road tax numerical and dates.

The other thing that you should know is that there is no transfer of road fines between automobiles. This indicated that the extra road tax collected will henceforth be termed void for the similar car. Even if the car that you purchase had been paid for the road tax, upon new ownership the previous tax will be termed void and you will need to carry out a new application and payment. The extra amount can be reclaimed only if the previous owner files for a refund. The only catch is that on the month of the selling transaction, the government will receive the road tax for the similar car on two occasions.

If you fall on the side of road tax evasion, once caught the consequences are likely to be severe. Once you are caught and found guilty of road tax evasion, you will given a 80 Euros tax. If you decide to comply with the fine and make an early payment, you may be lucky enough to receive a reduction. If you fail to comply with the 80 Euros fine payment, you will end up with even a greater fine of 1000 Euros if the matter reaches to court and this will turn to be a major blow to your finances.

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