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What materials should I use in my shabby-chic style bathroom design?Because the layout and storage options are pretty standard, picking interesting materials is key for helping any cottage chic bathroom remodeling project stand out. Tile offers a wide variety of colors and styles, which makes it a popular flooring choice, while mosaic tiles are common in showers. The grout can be challenging to clean though, so stone or granite might be better shower alternatives. Just like in a kitchen, implementing a fun shabby-chic style tile backsplash or countertop color can help liven up otherwise dull bathrooms. And last but not least, don’t forget the hardware! Cabinet pulls, shower heads and faucets come in a variety of finishes, which allows you to add bits and pieces of personality into bathroom designs of all styles. How do I decorate my shabby-chic style bathroom?No remodel is complete until the finishing touches have been added — in this case, the romantic bathroom decor. In this particular room, the term decor can be used rather loosely; even a toilet paper holder can add to the shabby-chic style style of the space if chosen correctly. Pick fixtures with finishes that reflect the look you are trying to achieve, and match or coordinate soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and wastebaskets for a cohesive feel. If you’re lucky enough to have extra counter or wall space, add some artwork or a decorative vase with fresh flowers. For those that aren’t looking to do a full renovation, smaller scale romantic bathroom design ideas can be achieved by simply swapping out some of your old accessories and changing the color scheme with new linens or paint. Don’t be afraid to combine similar yet different bathroom decorating ideas to create a look that’s completely unique to your home. For kids bathroom design, consider bright colors and unique patterns, but also keep in mind that children do outgrow trends pretty quickly, so steer clear of fads. Safety is of the utmost importance in a kid’s bathroom, so make sure you have things like tub mats, faucet covers and a cover clamp for your toilet (depending on age). Plenty of bathroom remodeling ideas accommodate both children and adults in the design, so go ahead and have a little fun with yours!
shabby chic bathroom decor 1

All Rooms / Bath Photos / Bathroom / Shabby-Chic Style clear all 2,398 Shabby-Chic Style Bathroom Design Photos A shabby-chic style bathroom remodel can make a huge impact on your home’s comfort level, not to mention its resale value. As you research cottage chic bathroom ideas and browse photos, make sure to save any bathrooms that catch your eye, then figure out some of the common features that seem to recur throughout. Keep in mind your space limitations, desired materials and general bathroom remodel costs before committing to a major (or minor) project. More Popular Today Latest Activity All Time Popular Newly Featured 1 – 8 of 2,398 photos
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One of the most popular ways to incorporate shabby chic designs is through the use of antique or hand-distressed furniture pieces. In shabby chic bathrooms, these may take the form of seating like chairs or benches, storage furniture like linen cabinets or under-sink cabinets, or entire sink, cabinet and countertop combinations. Shabby chic designs in bathrooms may sometimes feature the ornate and romantic designs of the Victorian era, with sinks sometimes perched on former dressing tables or chests of drawers for an informal, repurposed look. Much or all of the furniture in a shabby chic bathroom will feature distressing, either from weathering over time, hand-distressing, or techniques like glazing or crackle painting that can bestow an antique appearance on any piece of furniture.
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If you love soft, romantic, vintage-inspired decorating styles, you will love this list of shabby chic bathroom ideas. Each of these projects transforms your bathroom from plain to pretty with very little effort. Looking to add just a touch of the vintage vibe to your space? Try one of the shabby chic bathroom designs for a lace, ruffle, or rosette shower or bathtub curtain. It will transform the room instantly! For a larger project, try one of the shabby chic bathrooms that repurposes an old table or dresser into a beautiful sink vanity.
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Storage is so important in bathrooms, which is why these designs has tons of easy storage projects! Wood shelves, baskets, and repurposed armoires all provide pretty and practical storage solutions. When decorating your new bathroom, don’t forget the details! This list has inspiration and projects for pretty décor items like fancy accessories, DIY art pieces, and pretty faux plants that will always look amazing. Many of these shabby chic bathroom decorations feature an elegant chandelier, really putting the “chic” in “shabby chic.”
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Shabby chic bathrooms are so cute that when you see them, you just can’t get enough! Many celebrities and designers choose this style for their bathrooms because it makes the space refined and really chic, every shower or bath becomes a sophisticated experience. Refined tiles or whitewashed wood is right what you need to clad such a bathroom, speaking about colors, light ones and pastels are the best choice here. Vintage bathtubs and washbasins, exquisite ruffled curtains instead of usual shower ones, stunning old-fashioned mirrors and cabinets will make a base of your shabby chic bathroom. Adorable chandeliers and candelabras, greenery and big windows will help you to polish the look.
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Nothing is more refreshing to the senses than to walk into an immaculately clean, beautifully aromatic bathroom that is also dressed in its own color scheme. The traditional bathroom would possibly have a curtain, shower area and maybe a tub for relaxing on those long exhausting evenings. Consider designing a powder room into a shabby chic ambiance keeping in mind that this does not always have to mean an all white decor. The real purpose of course would be to give the room a somewhat antique appearance; this is basically the meaning of shabby chic. An old dresser of course will do, up against a neutral painted wall background. If possible add an oil lamp to the mix and a rug on the floor that has been obviously too worn out to place anywhere else in the house. An old fashioned washroom can be constructed with wooden floors and antiquated chandeliers for a more retro look.
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Shabby chic bathroom designs can add a comfortable, lived-in look, welcoming guests and family members alike into an attractive, relaxing space. The informal nature of shabby chic gives you lots of options, plus the ability to mix and match pieces and decor for a style that’s both elegant and laid back.
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This type of decor may not always be appreciated by many folks reason being people wanting to see newness, brightness and modernized items in their homes. A somewhat distressed form of interior designing must be caught on by someone with an eye, a passion for the outmoded. An outed shower and toilet area can be furnished with other unwanted or used pieces of furniture in your home. A chair or table in a fairly dilapidated condition can be used to store towels, toiletries and other well needed miscellaneous, yet relevant objects. Provided this is not possible, invest in a few antique or shabby chic items that will create the setting you desire. Try using dull and neutral colors if white is not your thing, or consider a washed out lace curtain to place around the plunge bath. Get more information on this topic online to help you decide which of our 18 shabby chic bathroom ideas will be suitable for your home.
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Shabby chic design is generally defined as featuring a mix of furniture pieces and decor that are either naturally weathered or distressed antiques or which have been artificially or hand-weathered or distressed. The look achieved by this combination of “well-loved and well-used” pieces and decorations is one of casual opulence — shabby chic designs help create a welcoming, comfortable space with a soft, informal air.
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To further the shabby chic effect in a bathroom space, furniture pieces are often mix-and-matches, as opposed to comprising a full set. Chairs, tables, cabinets and other pieces may follow a similar style or era of design, but each piece may be distinct in individual style, color and finish, adding to the “informally assembled” feel of the space. Furniture in shabby chic bathrooms is generally a mix of wood and metal, and it usually represents more traditional or historical design eras as opposed to more modern or contemporary styles.
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A shabby-chic style bathroom remodel can make a huge impact on your home’s comfort level, not to mention its resale value. As you research cottage chic bathroom ideas and browse photos, make sure to save any bathrooms that catch your eye, then figure out some of the common features that seem to recur throughout. Keep in mind your space limitations, desired materials and general bathroom remodel costs before committing to a major (or minor) project. More
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When choosing accessories for a shabby chic bathroom space, vintage style can be a great place to start. Artwork, lighting fixtures, mirrors and decorative items for windowsills or shelving can be a menagerie of vintage styles, “similar but not the same” in their derivation. Movie or advertising posters from the 1930s and 1940s can combine with vintage clocks and ornate mirror frames, creating a diverse and visually interesting space that’s lively, elegant and welcoming.

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