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If your guest bath is really tiny, consider decorating it with a white and off-white palette. Not only will it help to create a calming effect but will also create an illusion of space. Moreover, you will be surprised what a new coat of paint can do to upgrade the look. Also, go big with the mirror over the bathroom’s vanity. If you already have a mirror installed, consider framing it out with some inexpensive molding painted is a shade that compliments the space. Installing a small no-fog bath mirror to the shower area is also a great way to decorate on a budget. Mirrors are a great way to make a small bathroom look larger. Consider these mirror illusion ideas for your small bathroom decorating.
guest bathroom decorating ideas 1

Guest bathrooms tend to be multifunctional rooms.  For the majority of the time, they are just another bathroom in the house but they quickly become dedicated to guests when they are staying overnight.  They also have a tendency to become storage areas for overflow items that don’t fit in other bathrooms.  With so many uses, guest baths can easily become cluttered and neglected in terms of decor.  So how can you decorate a guest bath so that it reflects your personal style and is also both comfortable and functional?
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For a bathroom, you really want to make sure that the space always feels fresh and clean.  The first way to accomplish this is to…well…make sure the bathroom is actually clean!  Remember, alone in the room with nothing else to look at, guests will look at the floor, the baseboards and in the corner behind the door, so make sure you clean thoroughly!  Another way to give the illusion of a clean room is to pick lighter colors that make the room feel bright, open and airy. This is especially important if your guest bath is surrounded by interior walls and therefore, doesn’t have a window.  Lastly, make sure the bathroom smells clean.  Heavily perfumed potpourri and deodorizers always make it seem as though you are trying to mask a smell, so instead, look for something that is lighter and fresher, such as fresh linen or clean cotton.
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Start With a Clean Slate Most importantly, make sure the entire room is squeaky clean. Treat yourself to a day off from cleaning; hire a professional cleaning service to do the dirty work. Be Prepared Stock the bathroom vanity with the little amenities your guests may have forgotten to pack, such as cotton balls, toothpaste, a toothbrush and a razor. Even the most organized travelers will forget something, so having those items readily on-hand will save them frustration. Design by Sarah Richardson Freshen Up Brighten up the bath with a vase of fresh flowers and add a subtle aroma with scented soaps or potpourri. Design by Sarah Richardson Out With the Old Replace a worn or dated shower curtain or liner and switch out an old bathmat with a new, super-plush model. Add Luxe Linens Splurge on thick, 100 percent cotton bath towels, washcloths and hand towels. A great tip is to buy guest towels in a color different from your regular towels, so you’ll always have the “good” towels ready for overnight guests. Design by Layla Palmer, the Lettered Cottage Include the Extras Sea sponges, bath salts, loofahs and bath brushes are items you’d typically expect to find in a spa or high-end hotel. They’re also inexpensive items you can pick up at your local dollar store. Fill a tubside bin with an assortment to treat your guests to a spa-like experience. Indulge Their Vanity An illuminated or magnifying vanity mirror is a thoughtful addition that older visitors or guests with impaired eyesight will really appreciate. Add Scented Candles A bathroom filled with the subtle fragrance of vanilla, sandalwood or citrus will make a long soak even more relaxing. Hide a Hamper If space allows, provides guests with a basket or bin for stashing used towels and linens. Stock the Shower With the ever-shifting rules regarding flying with liquids, many guests may plan on simply purchasing toiletries once they reach their destination. Save them a trip to the store by placing shampoo, conditioner, soap and a razor in the shower. Replace Broken or Leaking Fixtures There’s nothing like the looming deadline of out-of-town guests to fast-track repairs you’ve been putting off. If you’re handy with a wrench, swapping out or repairing a leaky shower head is something you can quickly tackle yourself. Can It While a trash can certainly isn’t a sexy addition, it is a handy one. Help it blend in by matching the can’s style or color to your bathroom’s decor.
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… a luxury bathroom – This hospitality might also extend to a luxurious guest bathroom such as this one. Bob and his family would delight in the luxury they would never have known before, with soft towels rolled up beneath the sink, and the plush dressing gown hanging on the hook. Actually, stepping in from Victorian England, they’d probably just delight in hot running water!
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The bathroom may be the home’s smallest area but showing off a clean, spa-like bath is what appeals to buyers. The best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune on it. You can get an elegant and enviable look on a budget with the above decorating ideas. While implementing them, think about what you look for in a bath when you stay at a nice hotel and try to recreate it for the potential buyers. A clean, comfortable, and a functional space can really go a long way towards making them feel welcome.
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When decorating your guest bath, think about what you look for when you stay at a nice hotel or B&B and try to recreate that look and feel for your guests.  A clean, comfortable and functional space goes a long way toward making your guests feel welcome.
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Nothing dresses up the room like shiny, new hardware, and there is a lot of it in the bathroom including sink faucets, cabinet knobs, towel bars, and toilet flush handles. Set aside a part of your budget to upgrading these items. Only for few dollars you can update to a sleek style in burnished bronze or brushed chrome and give your guest bath a fresh, updated look. Hardware for the vanity that compliments other finishes in the area is a wonderful final touch. Take a look at these tips for changing out your cabinetry hardware.
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Guests bathrooms are often smaller than other bathrooms in the house and can begin to feel cluttered and confining if there are too many objects in the room.  Remove any unnecessary items to ensure there is ample floor space to move around and plenty of space on the countertop.  Also, for overnight guests, try to make some space underneath the sink and/or in the drawers so that they can store their toiletries in the bathroom. Giving guests space of their own allows them to put away their belongings when not in use and helps keep the bathroom looking tidier.
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It’s nice to decorate a bathroom so that it fits in with the style of the rest of the house and is comfortable for guests, but given limited space, you should prioritize how you decorate a bathroom, starting with the basics first.  By this I mean use your toiletries as decorative items.  For example, extra rolls of toilet paper don’t have to be left in the bag and placed under the sink.  If you have space, find a cute basket and leave them out where guests can easily find them!
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Also, if you have the floor space, add extra storage by bringing in a small piece of furniture.  Don’t limit yourself to only furniture intended for the bathroom but instead, look for any piece that is the right size and has the right function for what you need.  Just remember that anything used in the bathroom will likely be exposed to water and steam, so take precautions.
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Even the simplest backsplash can make all the difference to a sparsely decorated bathroom. Here, the humble subway tile adds plenty of interest to a run-of-the-mill white suite. All-over white was the best choice for keeping the decor clean and enhancing a sense of space in this mini loft bathroom, while wooden details in the door, window and accessories add a warm edge.
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The secret to pulling off a big-impact look with petite square footage: Decorate like you would in any other room. Here, our favorite tricks to follow suit. (And while you’re at it, get over 100 bathroom ideas for the master suite.)
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