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Floating Bathroom VanitiesNothing encapsulates the unique aesthetic of a modern bathroom quite like floating bathroom vanities. Possessing all the useful qualities of great bath cabinets, while boasting a stunning modern appearance that frees up ample wall and floor space in any bathroom, wall vanities are the ideal functional and decorative addition to any bathroom and are crucial components of a contemporary bathroom remodeling project. At TradewindsImports.com, you will find a remarkable selection of wildly unique and breathtakingly beautiful bathroom vanity cabinets suitable for mounting on any wall. Like any work of fine art, these pieces will create a palpable aura of sophistication and class in your bathroom. And of course, they also facilitate a number of common bathroom tasks, from hygienic washing to ample toiletry storage. Made of either high-quality manufactured reclaimed wood or natural and organic oak, these wall-mounted floating bathroom vanities are sure to last a lifetime of use and can withstand even the most humid master bathroom. Just mount the vanity to any wall using the included hardware and you will have not only a good-looking cabinet, but a truly high quality piece of furniture that will be a major component of your home’s design for years to come. We boast a large collection of great wall mounted floating vanities from a number of reputable manufacturers, and some of these furnishings are actually totally unique to Tradewindsimports.com – you won’t find them anywhere else! Whether you are looking for single sink vanity or double sink vanity styles, modern or antique vanities, you will surely find what you need in our extensive catalog. The floating bathroom vanity of your dreams can be found right here! Some of our most popular wall mounted models are modern bath vanities. These are built to exude the intense yet simple beauty of the modern aesthetic, an aesthetic that values beauty in simplicity. But we also feature wall mounted vanity products with intricate, antique, and stylish floral designs that will impress anyone with a taste for the complex beauty of the more traditional aesthetic. Each vanity cabinet we sell is scrutinized under our rigorous standards for quality, affordability, and overall style. Any vanity purchased through us will surely last a lifetime. So take a minute to peruse our collection of floating bathroom vanities; we are confident you will find something that piques your interest. You can contact us with any and all questions or comments at our customer service line.
floating bathroom cabinet 1

Wall Mount Floating VanitiesOne of the coolest ways to create a clean and modern space in your bathroom is through the use of wall mount vanities. These are also sometimes referred to as floating vanities, because they leave the floor space beneath the cabinet clear. Floating vanities make it easy to keep the floor clean and provide a contemporary and space saving look for any bathroom. At UniqueVanities, we offer wall mounted vanities in just about every size and style available. To help ensure you find the perfect piece for your bathroom, we have provided some shopping tips below.SizeSize is always an important consideration with a vanity, and it becomes very important for a cabinet that will be mounted on your wall. Although height is not as important as with a floor standing cabinet, you still need to consider width and depth. You should measure your bathroom space prior to browsing so you can filter your search to appropriate sizes. This will save you some time and hassle when shopping.First, you should measure the width of your space. Take into account any items that the vanity should not cover, such as electrical outlets or switches. You also need to consider where the doors and other elements are in your room. You need to leave room for opening and closing doors as well as moving around the bathroom.Next, measure out from the wall to figure out how deep the vanity can be. You want to make sure you leave enough room to open drawers and cabinets. You also want to be able to move around in the space without running into the cabinet.StyleNext, you will want to consider style. Our floating vanities come in transitional and modern styles. You can choose from colors like cherry, black, espresso, white and natural woods and we offer counter tops in quality materials like marble, granite and wood. Consider your bath space and how a vanity might look with other elements in the room. You should also consider whether or not the vanity will work with any future changes you make in the room.Storage OptionsOur vanities include such storage options as drawers, cabinets and open shelf spaces. You will want to think about what items will be stored in the vanity in order to determine what is right for you. Drawers are great for holding personal items like cosmetics while cabinets are great for larger items and towels. Open shelves provide extra room for decorative elements if you want to include them in your room.PlumbingWith any vanity purchase, you need to ensure that plumbing elements are appropriate. This does not only include specifications for your cabinet. If any element does not come with your cabinet, then you will need to ensure the separately purchased components match. For example, a single hole sink or vanity requires a single hole faucet. If you have any questions about whether or not different components will match, feel free to give our expert customer service representatives a call.At UniqueVanities, our goal is to ensure that you find the perfect piece for your bathroom. Whether you are looking for floating wall vanities or something more traditional, we are confident you will find the perfect cabinet in our store.
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Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities JULY 14, 2016 by Andrew Schneider Bathroom Furniture Specialist Popular vanity styles range from ultra-modern to rustic to classic, and updating your vanity gives a fresh look to the entire bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a master bathroom vanity or a powder room vanity, remember that this functional piece of furniture can dictate the vibe of the room and pull together all the other accessories. Consider your space and personal style, as well as these latest trends, when shopping for the best vanity for your bathroom. Modern Styles Define your modern space with a modern vanity. A modern vanity design often features straight lines and a polished look that can immediately transform your bathroom. For example, trendy, flat-front cabinets and chrome hardware can make an otherwise cluttered bathroom seem cleaner.Modern vanities may come with a mixture of slatted open shelves, cabinets, and drawers to match your storage needs. You can also choose between modern bathroom vanities featuring both traditional and minimalist stylistic features, such as straight handles or rounded knobs. Shop Modern Vanities Open Shelves For an open and versatile storage option, consider a vanity with open shelves. Often built into the vanity using the same material for a consistent look, open shelves are the perfect storage solution for towels and other personal care items. Choose between steel shelves or glass shelves for an industrial look. If you prefer a traditional design, look for solid wood shelves.Open shelves constructed with slats or a solid piece of material are great for powder rooms and bathrooms with limited space. Shop Contemporary Vanities Double Vanities Depending on the space you need to fill, a double vanity may be the best option for your bathroom. Double vanities that hold two sinks are common in new-build master bathrooms. Start by measuring your wall space, and keep in mind that double vanities generally cover up to 80 inches of space.Once you know the exact size vanity that you need, consider the material, color, and preferred countertop material such as marble, granite, or quartz. Double sinks come in a range of sizes and styles, such as rustic, contemporary, and transitional, to fit your space and design preferences. Shop Double Vanities White Finish White is the new black, and the latest trendsetters are filling up their homes with white furniture, including white bathroom vanities. A white finish on your vanity leaves your bathroom looking clean and modern. There are many variations of white that you can choose for your bathroom vanity, including pure white and ivory finishes.Match your white vanity with a marble countertop for a truly minimalist design, or go with a dark granite matched with white cabinetry to provide a stark yet appealing contrast. Shop White Vanities Granite Counters Granite is a popular countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms, and it can fit into many different decor styles. Try a black galaxy granite paired with white cabinets, or a light beige rust granite with dark oak shelves. Functional and versatile, granite is easy to clean and provides a polished, trendy, and modern look to any bathroom vanity. Shop Granite Vanities Industrial Design Industrial design pops up in both modern and rustic bathrooms. Steel pipes, glass shelves, and pedestal sinks complement bathrooms with limited space or minimalist decor. Consider adding a clear glass sink or metal bowl atop your modern white bathroom vanity to add a touch of industrial, functional design to an otherwise traditional bathroom vanity.Industrial bathroom vanity designs oftentimes feature less storage space than traditional vanities, so be sure to consider your storage needs before deciding on an industrial vanity. Shop Steel Vanities Tweet More Ways to Shop Shop Bathroom Vanities Shop Bathroom Cabinets Shop All Bathroom Furniture See All Guides Read More Furniture Guides Learn More About Bathroom Furniture Tweet

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