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bathroom decorating ideas diy 1 Bathrooms Bathroom Remodeling Ideas DIY Bathroom Projects Easy DIY Bathroom Projects With ideas for stylish storage, easy-to-assemble accessories, and fresh vanity updates, these character-boosting DIY projects will help you revive a boring bathroom. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Print More Prev View all Next × Prev View all Next Prev View all Next Popular In DIY Bathroom Projects Low-Cost Bathroom Updates Done-in-a-Weekend Bathroom Refreshes Must-See Vanity Makeovers 14 Ideas for a DIY Bathroom Vanity Everything In This Slideshow 1 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Top-Rung Towel Fix Look to a vintage ladder for stylish small-space storage. Refresh the flea market find with chalk-style paint that matches the room’s accessories, then use it to layer sumptuous fouta towels in the same color. Hang metal planters on the bottom rung to corral brushes and hairstyling aids for easy access. Budget Decorating Ideas 2 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Transformed Toothbrush Holder Create a statement with this quirky animal toothbrush holder made from a wooden figurine. To make the accessory functional, drill holes through it using a 3/4-inch drill bit, then paint it using glossy white spray paint. Look for inexpensive wooden animals or other objects large enough to accommodate holes without splitting at secondhand stores. 3 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Rustic Shelves Don’t get rid of fallen tree limbs just yet; stray branches make a charming accent to purchased white shelf boards. Start by trimming the branches to 12 inches long. Mark a spot centered 2 inches from one end of each shelf. Drill through the spot and into the bottom of a branch. Repeat on the other end of the board. Use a wood screw to attach the branches in place. Position the second shelf, and drill and screw down into the attached branches from the top. Repeat the process for each shelf. Add mounting hardware and hang on screws that have been anchored into the wall. 4 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Mod Geometric Rug Regular crafts felt combines with thick furniture feet pads to make this DIY bathroom rug. To assemble the Pop Art-inspired piece, cut out 36 felt circles in a variety of colors using one 3-inch-wide felt pad as a pattern. Attach the circles to the adhesive side of the furniture pads. Arrange in a pleasing grid pattern and flip over so the color faces down. To link the circles, attach neutral-color cotton trim to each row using fabric glue, and let dry 24-72 hours before using. 5 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Sophisticated Vanity Update Utilize every inch of bathroom space by installing a drawer pull on a vanity side. The budget-friendly hardware stands in for a hand towel bar and can be customized to coordinate with surrounding finishes. Spray-paint the drawer pull and vanity knobs the same color for a cohesive look. Fabulous Furniture Makeovers 6 of 22 Facebook Pinterest How to Spray-Paint Add fresh color to your DIY bathroom decor with a can of spray paint. We’ll show you how! 7 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Note to Self A hidden message written inside your medicine cabinet makes mornings even sunnier. For the chalkboard panel, lightly sand the interior of the cabinet door. Outline with painter’s tape, and apply at least two coats of chalkboard paint with a small roller. Finish the look with an unexpected burst of color by lining the back of the cabinet with laminated peel-and-stick contact paper. Crush-Worthy Chalkboard Paint Projects 8 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Budget Bathroom Jars Rescue pickle jars or other glass containers from the recycle bin, and give them a new purpose holding cotton products. To accommodate the knob, drill a hole in the center of the lid. Prime and paint the lids, and let dry. Spray with a clear sealer to protect the paint. Once dry, attach each knob, and cut off the excess shank. For a final pop of color, glue strips of punchy patterned paper to the jars. 9 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Sleek Side Table For stylish storage near your bath or shower, refinish a flea market find. Metallic gold spray paint breathes new life into this secondhand side table that’s the perfect size for soaps and shampoo. Start with a spray-on primer, then layer four thin coats of colored paint for the best results. Favorite Makeover Projects 10 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Modern Mirror Makeover Perk up a clearance-find mirror with just a few strips of tape and your favorite color of spray paint. Mask off stripes on the mirror using thin artist’s tape and parchment paper before spray-painting white. Remove the tape before the paint is completely dry to avoid peeling. 11 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Simple Labeled Bins Print numbers or letters in your favorite font and trace them on inexpensive white wire baskets with a permanent marker. Use them to identify the contents of each basket or designate to whom the storage container belongs. Smart Storage Solutions 12 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Better-than-Basic Shelf This wall shelf pulls double duty thanks to an added wooden dowel. To create the towel bar, measure the distance between the shelf brackets, then cut the dowel 1/2 inch longer. Paint the dowel and let dry. Use a hole saw to drill a 1/4-inch-deep hole on the inside of each bracket and directly opposite each other. Finally, apply wood glue to the inside of each hole and position the dowel. 13 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Stenciled Accent Wall Give bland bathroom walls a refresh with our simple steps to stenciling. The DIY update is easier than you think! 14 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Grab and Go Containers Repurpose wooden drawers as in-the-open bathroom bins. Fabric scraps make fashionable facades when cut to size and glued to the drawer fronts. Finish with printed labels to keep beauty supplies and linens organized. 15 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Try Tile Tattoos Pump up the style factor in a boring white bathroom with paint and vinyl stickers. Tile decals dress up simple 4×4-inch tiles and are readily accessible in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Best of all, they are inexpensive and easy to install. Make black and white decals, such as this beachy animal, pop by choosing a bold color for the walls. To avoid a checkerboard look, arrange the decals in a random order. 16 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Patterned Utility Sink and Shelves Create an unexpected look by trading a vanity for a versatile wall-mount laundry sink accompanied by floating shelving. Keep the grand sink from becoming an eyesore by dressing it up with easy-to-apply, self-adhesive wallpaper tiles. Center the pattern on the sink’s front and then carefully wrap it around the corners. Place seams on the sides, matching patterns as you go; trim to fit. Shelves hung beside and below the sink provide valuable storage space. Love this bold color combo? Check out other bathroom color palettes we love. 17 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Striped Shower Curtain Craft an extra-long custom curtain from a plastic-backed canvas drop cloth embellished with painted stripes. Lay the drop cloth on a flat surface and iron or steam out any wrinkles. Starting at the top, measure, mark, and tape off stripes in desired widths. Apply paint with a small foam roller. Let dry thoroughly before taping off and applying stripes in a second color. After the paint has dried, hang the shower curtain with clip-on curtain rings. 18 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Fashion Rope Rug Create warmth and style on your bathroom floor with this simple coil rug. All you need is some braided polypropylene rope, heavy-duty duct tape, and scissors. 19 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Fashion Rope Rug How-to On a hard surface, tightly coil the rope so it starts to make a circle. As the circle gets bigger, apply duct tape to the rope so the coil doesn’t unwind. After coiling the rope to the desired rug size, add an extra layer of duct tape that lays in one direction. Trim ends that go over the outside edge of the rug. Flip over to see your finished creation. For our rug, we used rope that was 5/8-inches in diameter and 90 feet long. The rug was 3 feet wide when finished. 20 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Tiled Vanity Create a custom vanity on a budget. Top a 24×36-inch plywood board with cement board. Depending on the board’s thickness, you might need to add wood strips to the sides to make the top measure 2 inches thick total. To avoid unattractive cuts, we chose 6×6-inch ceramic tiles for the vanity top and 1-inch glass mosaic tiles for the sides. Apply tile as desired. Screw a cleat to the wall through studs to support the vanity back, and mount the top on 4×4 wood posts. Slowly cut holes for the drain and faucet using a carbide- or diamond-tipped drill bit for ceramic tile. Install a shelf with L brackets. Maximize the storage space in your small bathroom. 21 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Rope-Wrapped Frame Visually anchor a 20×24-inch mirror with an easy, nautical-inspired 32×36-inch frame. To make the frame, miter 1×4 pine boards and join with wood glue. Tape the ends of the rope to prevent raveling, then glue one taped end to the back of the frame. Wrap the rope around the frame several times, and secure the other end with glue. Hang the frame with a cleat to allow clearance for the rope. 22 of 22 Facebook Pinterest Next Slideshow Low-Cost Bathroom Updates Low-Cost Bathroom Updates Refresh your bathroom in a weekend or less with these affordable makeover ideas. Begin Slideshow » Related Done-in-a-Weekend Bathroom Refreshes Must-See Vanity Makeovers 14 Ideas for a DIY Bathroom Vanity

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